Clergy Corner – April 15, 2021

Clergy Corner by Fr. Jim

Photo by Fr. Jim of flowering bushes outside the front of his family’s home

All of the above nature pictures were taken through windows at the back of our house, except the flowering bushes in front of the house.

I love spring. I love the excitement of Easter, especially this year as we gathered as a church family after such a long absence. It was like a year long advent season as we waited to come together. It did make for a glorious Easter celebration however. But, we don’t want to ever have to do it again!

I love having my office area facing the back yard. This morning as I was working on this newsletter, the red tail hawk, pictured above, flew in and perched on a limb, scouting for possible food menu options. We have had a nesting pair of red tail hawks each spring for almost ten years now. They are fun to watch and hear. It is especially fun late in the summer as their offspring begin to test their wings, begin learning to catch their own food, and begin practicing their screeching calls, which sound very adolescent compared to their parents.

April is definitely a month in which we experience new growth all around us. As we move toward some normality as a church, we should be thinking about how we can grow our church during this year.

We have a wonderful church family; the love among our members and the care and compassion – member to member – is obvious and a true blessing. Now, as a church we need to determine how we can reach out to the unchurched. How we can get people who may be seeking a relationship with God to come visit us. Then, how do we approach people who don’t know Christ or God at all. Consider what you can do to help St. Stephen’s share the good news of Christ with more people. Consider what you can do to bring visitors into St. Stephen’s. Consider what we need to do to share Christ in our worship and in our studies so that members and visitors leave feeling spiritually fed.

These are questions that I wrestle with daily. But, I know a small group of determined people can make a difference in our communities.

Low stress evangelism approach:
Make a friend.
Be a friend.
Bring a friend to Church.