Clergy Corner – July 7, 2020

Photo of oceanfront beach houses under a blue sky (cr. Fr. Jim Dalton)

“Random Thoughts from Fr. Jim”

Dalton Vacation Report
The Dalton family enjoyed our vacation. It was a relaxing time at the beach and fun to be away from our home for a few days. The picture above was taken by our son, Matt, using his drone. The blue roofed house in the middle of the picture was our vacation dwelling for the week. The white canopy between the house and the beach was ours. The homes are really close to the water. The homes behind our were on the opposite side of the road and opened to the beach on the opposite side of the island. It was not difficult to maintain social distancing. We were blessed to have this time with our children and grandchildren.

Matt and Hope had to return a day early because of his work requirements to isolate before returning to work. They left to return Friday. He needed Saturday – Monday to be isolated because of traveling out of state. He also had to report to the employee drive through Covid-19 testing station at the Arkansas Heart Hospital Monday morning to be tested. The test was negative! He was able to return to work today.

I’m praying that, because Matt tested negative, I am out of danger as well. He and I made the grocery runs and carryout food runs during our week at the beach. We did what we were suppose to do in terms of safety. By the time we (Toby, Joyce and I) meet for the worship service this coming Sunday, we will have been back in our homes for eight days. Hopefully, eight days without symptoms will be a strong indicator that we did not get infected. I don’t think Joyce and I are young enough to have been infected and not show symptoms after 8 days, LOL! I guess I best just speak for me 😉