Clergy Corner – June 15, 2020

It has been three months now since we last met face-to-face as a church. That seems absolutely ludicrous, doesn’t it! But, I have been so moved and blessed by the resiliency of our members and your desire to stay connected and keep our church alive and functioning as the body of Christ.

Fourteen years ago this month, I was ordained as a transitional deacon and began serving St. Stephen’s as a member of the clergy. What a commitment and life changing experience! But most of all, what a blessing!

So many of the faces have changed over this period of time. We’ve had some wonderful members move away. We’ve had some wonderful members who have moved on to join the saints in heaven. We have shared tears of joy and tears of sorry. But mostly we been on this journey as a family of Christ. And, we have had some WONDERFUL members join our church family.

The most frustration I’ve experienced since my ordination is the influence on our church family brought on by the Episcopal Church of the USA through the national news media over challenges that all of society faces, and most families are impacted by at some point.

We know that all of society faces challenges with human sexuality and with race relations. Responding in God’s love is always better than reacting in anger!

As a church, and as a member of the clergy at St. Stephen’s, all I know to do is be committed to one another in the love of Christ and welcome everyone who walks through our doors to worship God with the love of Christ.

I don’t want to judge or be judged by anyone other than our God and Lord Jesus Christ. As my evangelical brothers and sisters would say …can I get an Amen?

This frustration pales in comparison to the joys and blessings I’ve experienced from the intimate personal and spiritual relationships that we have shared as members of the body of Christ at St. Stephen’s! Amen! Alleluia!!

–Jim Dalton