Clergy Corner – June 22, 2020

These are challenging times. It is unlike anything I’ve experienced in my life, and, I think that is probably true of most of you, if not all you. The tension in our country’s peoples is high from the physical threat of Covid-19, the unrest over nationally publicized deaths that have raised continuing racial unrest, and the politically divisive climate in our country, all at the same time!

I experienced the tension of the Vietnam war protest through the national media. I experienced the tension of the civil rights movement as many Americans stood up against the mistreatment of some of our fellow Americans. What I have not experienced is both of these and a health scare all rolling through the nation at the same time.

What would the tension be like without our faith in the Way, the Truth, and the Life? Unbearable! Unfortunately there are many in our country who do not have faith …do not have a church family …and do not know how to approach God for comfort. There are many who find these times …unbearable!

I wish I could say that I do not worry about the health of our church (the body not the building) during this difficult times. I know we are staying connected, virtually, to the best of our ability. The DOK is writing notes each week to members of our church family. I have been trying to sent our three to five notes each week and am well over half way through our church directory with my efforts. But is it enough, I worry!

There some some members of St. Stephen’s that I have not heard from in any form of communication and that saddens and worries me. I sincerely pray that we will be resilient as a nation and as a church and will come through these tense times somehow stronger.

What can/should we be doing as followers of Christ . . . as the body of Christ known as St. Stephen’s?

1. All of us should be praying to God for the peoples of the world, the people of our nation, and the people in our church as well as the decision makers representing those groups.

2. Our church leaders should do all we can do to communicate to our membership that we love you and that it is important that you to know it!

3. And, each member of St. Stephen’s should do whatever she/he can, through notes, letters, and phone calls to stay connected. You cannot rely on someone else to do the work we’ve all been given to do. Get involved and share God’s love by showing that you care.

4. If you are feeling unloved, uncared for, isolated, depressed, etc… call one of your clergy or good a friend and talk.

It is by this that they will know you are my disciples …by the love that you have for one another. Jesus

I do love you, each and everyone!
Fr. Jim +