Clergy Corner – June 8, 2020

I pray that our church family is doing well.

Please feel free to contact Toby or me. There are some of you we have not been in contact with since we have been socially distancing. It would be nice to know that you are well. Drop us an email or a text or call. We want to do what we can to meet any pastoral needs you may have!

We are making every effort to stay connected through the church Facebook account. Electronic connections are not the same as face-to-face connections, but they are still very reassuring that we will make it through this thing together.

When we are streaming services and get a comment or see a “heart” or a “thumb” floating up the screen, we feel connected and affirmed that you all are with us! Thank you!

We have added a router to the our church’s building today. It is located in the vesting room and will allow us to broadcast from the nave. Some of you may have seen a brief clip of Pat in front of the organ testing the signal. We will try to broadcast from there this coming Sunday. Will probably do a test run by having noon prayer from there this Wednesday.

— Jim Dalton