Clergy Corner – September 21, 2020


CLERGY CORNER – Random Thoughts by Jim

It is 7:50 AM, Monday, September 21. I have just come inside from watering our plants. Some of them are pictured above. It is 61 degrees. The sun is peaking over the tops of the trees. It is a beautiful morning. I am on my second cup of coffee.

The picture on the left is beside the entrance to our front door. My contribution is the 200 lb. Bird Girl Statue. Some of you will remember her from the movie “Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil.” I remember her best from the day a friend of mine and I were returning from the Tucker Men’s prison where we had been on a Saturday morning from 7:30 – 9:30 AM holding prayer and share groups with Kairos graduates. We were in his jeep with the top removed. We stopped at beautiful downtown Keo at the Old Gin Antiques to pick up this 200 lb. beauty. After loading her in the back of his jeep, unloading her at our home, with skin scrapped from our hands because of the roughness of the concrete mixture from which she was created, my friend Ken invited me to find another friend next time I needed help with a stature. My other contribution in that picture is the large green chime (gong). There is a 4″ wooden ball inside. It takes a pretty good gust of wind to make it ring but it has a lovely bass sound when it does ring. It is not nearly as heavy as Potina Savannah, bird girl.

The 2nd picture is of our roses, which are getting a little leggie but they are still blooming. There are several different rose varieties in this corner by our garage. One of them puts out small red tightly petaled roses. It came from the horticulture program at the prison. The other varieties of roses in this group are from Joyce’s students who gifted them to her over the years. Tiny bushes in little pots. The rose bushes are not as thick and lush as they should have been this year. I apparently got a little carried away in the early spring over spraying week killer in the front bed. At one point we thought we are going to lose all of them. But they survived me and we are so proud of their recovery. Next year they should be beautiful again and I will be monitored closely when using the week killer.

3rd picture, the shade garden. You can barely make our the pergola in the picture above. It was one of my home improvement efforts from 15 years ago. It needs some attention …probably professional attention. But, it has served us well. It is a great place to go Summer evenings. The sun’s rays do not get through the canopy of the trees surrounding it so it is about 15 degrees cooler then most outdoor spaces in the summer. It has been a great place to sit on the benches and play music and sing with friends. Until about three weeks ago there were some beautiful hostas in the shade garden. But one night a hosta loving deer (or herd) ate every leaf off the hostas, the Mexican petunias, and one of the hydrangeas. Ah, wild life! The shade garden is no place to be when the sun goes down because the mosquitos swarm out of the forest behind the shade garden. I’m not sure why God made mosquitos, but I’m sure they serve some purpose.(?)

Well, it is 8:30 AM now and time from me to move onto something else. There is nothing very pastoral coming out of the clergy corner today. It is simply another day of life enjoying the beauty of God’s world; which I feel very blessed to enjoy.