Clergy Corner – September 7, 2020

CLERGY CORNER: Rev. Jim Dalton

Worship is about praising God. It is about our relationship with God and with each other. It is about gathering as the body of Christ and learning to live into God’s desire for us as disciples. It is hard to do that when we cannot come together physically. It is a challenge. I’ve never been much of a writer. I’ve never cared to be in front of a camera. I’ve never felt called or qualified to be a public speaker. But here I am Lord! I liked being a member of the body. In many Episcopal churches the priest feels it is their responsibility to maintain a bit of a distance from the congregation. That it is important to their work as spiritual leaders. That’s not me. I would rather be in the trenches shoulder to shoulder with the other disciples in my church family. It’s alright for you to see and know my flaws and love me i spite of them all! Thank God!

Prayer for the Week is a song that I used a few weeks ago.


Holy Spirit come down on me,
make my life a symphony.
Take my blindness and let me see,
Holy Spirit come down on me.

You know my heart, you know my flaws,
you still love me in spite of it all.
Some days I’m weak, I play the game,
some days I can’t even call your name. <chorus>

Sometimes I fake it I don’t even pray,
but even then you don’t go away.
I have your Spirit livin’ in me.
I am a prisoner who’s been set free. <chorus>

I am a vessel, so make me clean;
I want to share all the beauty I’ve seen.
Lord, give me strength to live for the one
Who love us so, we were given the Son. <chorus>