Little Free Pantry Project

Image of the Little Free Pantry

One of the goals we set for ourselves as a church this year was to establish a small pantry on the church grounds and to encourage community participation in helping keep it stocked. St. Stephen’s is located in a neighborhood that has people with significant needs and people that have been blessed economically.Worked on by members Sandy and Burl Hays, our Little Free Pantry was set into place in August 2020.

Our goal for this pantry is to serve the surrounding community and be a blessing to our neighbors. Below, you’ll see of a list of things to donate as well as a downloadable file. Be sure to share with your friends and family! Thanks for those who have dropped off supplies. Any of us who go by the church and find the pantry almost empty, please take about a dozen pantry items from the fellowship hall and put them in the pantry.