St. Stephen’s E-News – July 15, 2020

Grace and peace to you from God, our father. — Jim Dalton

A Blessing

Blessing and laughter and loving be yours.
The love of a Great God
who names you
and holds you while the earth turns and flowers grow,
this day
this night
this moment
and forever.

Ruth Burgess, The Book of a Thousand Prayers


Vestry Meeting Next Tuesday, July 21, 6:00 PM: The vestry meeting will be on Zoom from 6:00 – 6:30. Anyone on the vestry or in the church who has an item for the agenda should let me know.
Vestry members will receive an invitation to the Zoom meeting by email next Tuesday. If any other members of the church would like to listen in, you are very welcome. Just let me know and you, too, can be invited!

Dick Johnston’s Virtual Children’s Camp – St. Stephen’s has sent $1,000 to help fund their efforts to help children of one (or both) incarcerated parents have a good experience this summer, even if they can’t attend the camp at Camp Mitchell as they have in past years. $500 was donated by the ECW and $500 from the priests’ discretionary fund. The money will be used to help buy children’s books, backpacks, school supplies, T-shirts and other items they usually get at camp. The group is also going to offer to purchase swim lessons for the children in their home towns (most of them learn how to swim at camp). We will have the opportunity to correspond with the children, as well. I hope that you will each prayerfully consider participating in this project by writing one or two letters of encouragement. More on this in next week’s news update.

Little Free Pantry Project: We are moving forward with this project. Burl Hays is about half finished with the construction of the little pantry. I still need to know if anyone is aware of how to get addresses for homes in the area of the church; say 1/2 mile radius. Let me know if you can help. We would like to mail out a letter explaining that this is a community project.

Prayer Lists for Daily Services – Our prayer list is getting longer. This is not a complaint …it is beautiful that we are praying for people everyday. Those of us leading prayers will not know when you remove them until you let us know. So, please, keep that in mind and notify one of us (leading the services) when you are ready to removed someone you added to the list can be removed.

JULY BIRTHDAYS – We pray you all have Happy Birthdays and many more to come!
Dan Moser – 4th
Tom Corroum – 4th
Halli Pack – 6th
Alexa Harrod – 14th
Bernetta Isaac – 24th
J.O. Isaac – 28th
Natasha Rowe – 30th
Dickey Mayland – 31st

Altar Flower Dedication for Sunday, July 19

The flowers on the altar this coming Sunday are dedicated by Lois Ann (Lolo) Jackson in loving memory of her husband, Tom Jackson, and in celebration of the birthday of her granddaughter, Ella Gray Jackson.

Note: Anita Williams has been taking care of flowers while the building is shut down. The Flower Guild is going to begin serving again. And we will be notifying the church of the dedications during announcements and in the newsletter each week.

Prayer for the Week

O God, the Spirit of truth,
help us to be truthful with one another.
O God, the Spirit of gentleness,
help us to be gentle with one another.
O God, who knows what is in our hearts
more clearly than we do our selves,
help us to hear one another.
O God, lead us in the way
of truth and love. Amen

Richard Harries, The Book of a Thousand Prayers