St. Stephen’s E-News – July 22, 2020


Bless to us, O God, the road that is before us,
Bless to us, O God, the friends who are around us,
Bless to us, O God, your love which is within us.
Bless to us, O God, the light that leads us home.

Ruth Burgess, The Book of a Thousand Prayers


Altar Flower Dedication: Sunday, July 19th, 2020
The flowers on the altar next Sunday, were graciously given by Martha Mayland, to the glory of God and in thanksgiving for the birthday of her husband, Dickey Mayland. Happy Birthday, Dickey! The flowers will be arranged this week by Anita Williams.

Java with Jim
The theme for this week’s morning devotionals is “Encouragement.”

Eucharistic Ministers
If any of our Eucharistic ministers would like to participate in the Sunday worship services, the clergy would love to have you join us. Let Fr. Jim know and if you would like to participate and he will schedule one of you each Sunday.

Services this Week
You will find a list of all services for the week on our church Facebook page. There is a link to the Facebook page at the end of this newsletter.

Announcements or Articles for the Newsletter
All of you are invited to submit articles, announcements, meditations or reflections that you would like to have shared with the church. Just send anything you would like included to:


Draw your Church together, O God,
into one great company of disciples,
together following our Lord Jesus Christ
into every walk of life,
together serving him in his mission to the world,
and together witnessing to his love
on every continent and island.

New Zealand Prayer Book