St. Stephen’s E-News – September 7, 2020

Grace and Peace be with you from God our Father and our Lord Jesus Christ! — Jim Dalton

Altar Flower Dedication
The Altar Flowers this week were given to the Glory of God and in honor of Pat Phillips’s birthday and in thanksgiving for the recovery of Dan Moser from heart surgery.

The flowers were arranged by Jean Moser.

Selfie of Deacon Joyce Dalton wearing personal protective equipment featuring a face shield and cloth face mask

The New Darth Vader or St. Stephen’s own Deacon!
To say 2020 is one to be remembered is an understatement. I do wish that this wonderful lady had retired this past spring, but she has put on the Covid armor and is back attacking the challenges of shaping young minds and hearts.

Teachers and student always need our prayers but this year they need them more than ever! If you are not in a habit of offering up daily prayers, this is a great year to begin. Include teacher and students in daily prayers.

Our church offers up daily prayers both in our daily office services and our Daughter’s of the King chapter offers daily prayers. There is power in prayer and power in numbers. Take up your cross and pray daily if you are not already!

The Force be with You!

Image of Father Tim’s church located in Massachusetts. Courtesy of Deacon Joyce Dalton via Twitter

Joyce saw a “HOPE” sign on Father Tim’s church in Massachusetts (a priest that she follows on Twitter). She liked it so now we have one on our door at church.

The sign lay on my home office desk for about a week before we got it up to the building. It is what made me decide to make hope that theme of the week in my morning devotionals last week and this week.

I cannot imagine a life without hope! Unfortunately there are people to do go through life feeling hopeless. Very sad! They need God and we, the Church, are the delivery system. Look for ways this week to share Hope with someone. How? Love and compassion brings hope. When we carry love into the world …we are carrying God into the world.

Image of a cartoon colonial era town crier

Update on Terri Isaac
Diagnosis: Mycobacterium Abcessus
While in Colorado Terri met daily with doctors and medical staff, while undergoing extensive testing. The bacteria has to be sub-typed which will take about six weeks. This is a common bacteria that all people have. Unfortunately for Terri, she has a silent case of GERD (reflux), that allows the germs to leak into the windpipe, and keep the lungs infected. So, she is gong to have to sleep on a wedge to raise her up at night. Also, the middle lobe of her right lung has collapsed. It doesn’t help or harm her breathing, but it does serve as sort of a germ incubator. So, she is most like looking at having that lobe of her lung removed. It will be a robotic surgery which will help with healing time. I appreciate her letting me share this information. It is rather fascinating I think. Not like most of my aches and pains …just old man boring. But I can live with boring. Terri will remain in our prayers until she gets through all of this. They are safely home as of early this morning.

Blessings for Students and Teachers
The medallions and backpack tags will be mailed out this week to the people I’ve heard from. I have four remaining if anyone else would like to gift one to a student or a teacher. Just let me know.

Little Free Pantry
Remember it when you shop this week! Donated items can be placed on the tables by the windows in the fellowship hall or put directly in the little pantry.

Thank You!
The members of our church family have been wonderful at continuing to support your church financially. Mailed in pledges are being offered to God during our Sunday worship. You guys are amazing disciples!

Image of a red Bible with gold pages and cross

Liturgical Offerings this Week
Tuesday 8:00 AM – Java with Jim; Morning Devotional; Hope remains the theme.
Tuesday, 7:00 PM – Twilight with Toby; Compline
Wednesday, 12:00 PM – Noon Prayers with Jim
Wednesday, 6:00 PM – Bible Study, John 18:28-40
Thursday, 8:00 AM – Java with Jim; Morning Devotional; Hope, cont.
Thursday, 7:00 PM – Twilight with Toby; Compline
Friday, 12:00 PM – Prayers with Pat; Noon Prayer
Saturday, 8:00 PM – Late Night with Laura; Compline

All of these will be on Facebook Live except the bible study which will be on Google Meet. If you would like an invitation to attend the bible study, please let Jim Dalton know. It’s never too late to join.

Sunday, September 13, 10:30 AM: Worship Services
Sermon: Joyce Dalton
Officiant: Jim Dalton
Eucharistic Minister: Martha Mayland

Prayer for the Week is a song that I used a few weeks ago.


Holy Spirit come down on me,
make my life a symphony.
Take my blindness and let me see,
Holy Spirit come down on me.

You know my heart, you know my flaws,
you still love me in spite of it all.
Some days I’m weak, I play the game,
some days I can’t even call your name. <chorus>

Sometimes I fake it I don’t even pray,
but even then you don’t go away.
I have your Spirit livin’ in me.
I am a prisoner who’s been set free. <chorus>

I am a vessel, so make me clean;
I want to share all the beauty I’ve seen.
Lord, give me strength to live for the one
Who love us so, we were given the Son. <chorus>