St. Stephen’s E-News – May 25, 2020

Grace and Peace to you from God our Father and our Lord Jesus Christ!

Letters to Lenora

This is the last week of this project. I’ve received eight letters thus far. Please get them to me by Friday. You don’t even need to worry with the template I sent out, just type up words of encouragement …a scripture that you love and want to share and what it means to you ….a favorite quote and what it means to you. Words of encouragement about her starting to college at UCA, etc. Just take the time to show love to this young lady, and send it to me in an email. Come on Church, you can do this! Fr. Jim+

Service Schedule for the week of May 25 – 31


8:00 AM – Java with Jim; live on Facebook

7:00 PM – Compline with Toby; live on Facebook


12:00 PM – Noon Prayer with Joyce and Jim; ; live on Facebook

6:00 PM – Bible Study on ZOOM; a Journey with John, Day 29 (Reading: John 12:12-26)


8:00 AM – Java with Jim; live on Facebook

7:00 PM – Compline with Toby; live on Facebook


10:30 Worship service, live on Facebook

Rev. Toby Rowe will give the sermon and officiate the service.

Reminder: Send prayer requests, please: email, text, or call Toby or Jim by Friday morning.

Schedule for the next 6 weeks

May 31 – Sermon/Celebrant: Toby Rowe

June 7 – Sermon/Celebrant: Jim Dalton

June 14 – Sermon/Celebrant: Toby Rowe

June 21 – Sermon: Joyce Dalton/Celebrant: Toby Rowe

June 28 – Sermon: Laura Phillips Worship Leaders: Pat and Laura Phillips

July 5 – Sermon: Laura Phillips Worship Leaders: Pat and Laura Phillips


Church Business


As you may have concluded from the above six-week sermon/celebrant schedule the Rowes and Daltons ended up scheduling their vacations at the same time. Toby, Joyce and I will all be gone the last Sunday in June and the first Sunday in July. Pat and Laura have graciously agreed to fill that gap in the schedule!


If you possibly can, please mail in your 2020 pledge to the church on the schedule that you set up on your pledge card. We are obviously losing all of our loose plate offerings during this time of social distancing. We are still doing OK, but we do not need our carryover to get too low. Thanks for your attention to the church finances.


The memorial service for Karen Davis will be held at St. Stephen’s on Friday, June 19 at 10:30 AM. It will have to be a family only service. But, I know that several of you who knew Karen well will want to be aware of the service. Karen’s ashes will be interred in one of the columbarium niches in the garth at St. Stephen’s. Sympathy cards can be sent to Karen’s home address: Davis Family, 1001 Brewer Street, Jacksonville, AR 72076


I am not sure that I ever gave a shout out to Sharon Dykes for all her work on the Church Directory, but I am very grateful to her. It sure has been handy. I have it stored on my computer desktop screen and use it quite frequently. Thank-you Sharon.


I know that many of you are not morning people and do not participate in the morning devotion at 8:00 AM on Tuesday and Thursday. But several of you watch it later in the day at a time that is convenient. I think that is pretty neat. When this time of COVID-19 passes we will continue some of these new traditions that have been started out of necessity.


Don’t be surprised if we do not reopen until September or later. We must be vigilant about taking care of each other. Saturday Governor Hutchinson announced that some teenagers in Arkansas have contracted Covid-19 when they attended a swim party. We will wait and see what happens with these churches that have reopened.

The problem with this virus is that by the time most infections become official cases, people have spent days or weeks trying to heal on their own, not knowing they have the illness, before seeking care. By then, they are facing serious issues. The periods of information lag with COVID-19 are longer than those of the colds and flus to which it’s often compared, which has been a central problem in containing the virus since the beginning. While cases are decreasing in many of the major populated cities where it ran rampant earlier, now the less populated more rural communities are on the increase.

What we need to do as a Church in my opinion (and I am open to hear other opinions) is continue to communicate with each other electronically, continue to worship together, check on each other: texts, emails, phone calls, cards and letters as often as we can.

As a part of the body of Christ …the community of St. Stephen’s needs to remain committed to being a community dedicated to love and compassion for each other and when we can safely gather we will do so joyously!



Please do not hesitate submitting something to me for inclusion into the weekly newsletter. If you have an announcement or just have something on your mind that you would like to share with the church, send it to me! If you have a picture or humor you want to include, send it to me!